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Tomorrow’s Leap Day! You know, that quadrennial bonus day that somehow knocks us into alignment with the sun, stars, etc. And defying the laws of time and space in such ways can really make you reevaluate things. Namely, how your brand can make a significant jump of its own. You have an extra 24 hours—so here are some ways you can use that time to leap from good to great.

Find your baseline.

Before you ask your team to jump, you have to establish expectations. (There’s an adage about it and everything.) Consider running a brand health study—you know, one of those evaluations you conducted years ago and have been meaning to get back to.

If you’re prioritizing long-term brand growth, you need measuring mechanisms in place so all those KPIs and ROI actually mean something.

Do your homework.

When you’re well versed in the white noise that’s out there, you can cut through it more quickly. Sifting through competitive messaging can help you identify your points of differentiation, like no preservatives or hot button pronunciations. It’s easier said than done, but it’s vital to identify what makes you special—the “year with 366 days” of your category if you will.

Detail your dreams.

A leap of faith comes with educated risk, so find the right people to come along for the ride. Take a note from Crocs’ CMO (yes, really) and draw up a list of your dream, maybe chicken-friend collaborators. And then start taking notes from them—figure out why you like them and maybe even share your well-researched love letter? After all, the telephone/fax machine/trans-dimensional portal works both ways.

These are just three ways to capitalize on the somewhat elusive February 29. (Four, if you count grabbing a free ice cold beer at your favorite gigantic sandwich joint.) Now the rest of 2020 is waiting—so hop to it.

Have the kind of weekend that only comes once every four years, everybody!

—Your friends at Brokaw

Three ways to capitalize on the somewhat elusive February 29. #leapday

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