It’s an epidemic with side effects that include sleep loss, fatigue, and deterioration of social skills.

It’s called baby fever. And Brokaw has caught the bug. #Brobies

No really, within the last year, we’ve welcomed five babies (Brobies?)—including my seven-month-old daughter. All of which means I’ve been exposed to the many joys of parenthood: messy diapers, night feedings, and of course, mommy-targeted ads. (I came home from the hospital to a sample pack of Enfamil. How did they know? My daughter was early!)

Advertising to new mothers is crucial because 85% of moms make the purchasing decisions for their families. Plus, once they start using a brand, it’s likely they’ll stay brand loyal. So you’re planting the seeds (sorry) of a relationship that could last well through those tumultuously awkward teen years (cue Old Spice’s new campaign that appeals to both mothers and their smelly sons) and beyond.

So, what are some key takeaways to consider when advertising to new matriarchs?

  • Speaking from personal experience, a new mom’s shopping priorities change as her family grows. 77% of mothers report safety being their top priority when shopping, which explains why part of Subaru’s “Love” campaign smartly focuses on the safety ratings of their vehicles.​
  • Millennial mothers (who make up about 90% of new moms today) care about transparency and sourcing of ingredients. And because they gravitate toward natural options, making those easily apparent would be naturally appealing.
  • Convenience is key. Making an experience seamless (whether online or in-store) is paramount for moms. And brands that integrate technology into daily tasks—like using RTA’s app to plan a day trip to the Science Center—get brownie points.

The moral of the story? Over the next 10 years, 80% of 75.4 million Millennials will become parents. That’s a huge opportunity to acquire new customers whose loyalty may last a lifetime. (Or at least until these dang kids turn 18 at which point, so help me, THEY’RE ON THEIR OWN.)

Have a baby-rific weekend, everyone!

– Your soon-to-be soccer mom/dad friends at Brokaw.

It’s called baby fever. And Brokaw has caught the bug. #Brobies

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