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What’s more unpredictable than the weather in March?

Um, this year: everything. The election: a toss-up. The global economy: bananas. Where the Coronavirus is headed: who’s to say?!

Given these topics already dominate news cycles and nightmares, consumers don’t want to be reminded of them in your banner ads. (Especially when the chaser’s some cheesy offer.)

So, what territories can marketers touch that won’t leave a gross taste in everyone’s mouth and/or a potentially lethal microorganism on their hands? The old strong and steadies. C’mon, let’s March it up!

The chaos of March Madness.

Who will be the next president? Who cares when you have an excuse to devour your way to a Mango Habanero wing daze and forget modern democracy is being flushed down the toilet. (If only for a few hours.)

While the polls are polarizing, everyone loves chugging draft beers and cheering for 18–22-year-olds. And we do mean everyone—including, thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings’ “jewel stool,” freshly neutered b-ball nuts (pun extremely intended).  

The clocks (ugh) springing ahead.

For some ridiculous reason, Daylight Savings Time still happens. The internet is sure to be ablaze in universal outrage—which could probably be squelched with an hour-long nap—over this “holiday.” No need to bully the sun. Just acknowledge the inconvenience and be glad there’s one less hour for that TurboTax song to be stuck in your head.

There’s always St. Patrick’s Day.

Which, in many American cities, has turned into a less swampy version of NOLA’s Mardi Gras. Limited edition offerings (looking at you, green cheeses) make for a great companion to a pint of Conway’s Irish Ale. As do the unmatched people-watching opportunities granted by our office on W. 6th Street.

And Lent!

Yes, good ol’ Lent with its fish fries, and, um, well you know, fish fries.

Just look at this ringing endorsement!

Hooray, March!

And that’s just the start. There’s also “the Ides,” which probably means something to really old Romans (a highly desirable target market). With a little creativity, you can tiptoe around this month’s Armageddon-y pitfalls and end this hellish month as a beloved, branded, engagement-generating lamb.

Have a weekend free of face touching, everybody!

—Your always-optimistic friends at Brokaw

What territories can marketers touch that won’t leave a gross taste in everyone’s mouth? The old strong & steadies. C’mon let’s March it up!

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