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This is Gritty.

He’s the googly-eyed, mullet+hipster beard-wearing, new mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

And yeah sure, Gritty is probably what would happen if they remade Castaway and gave the Tom Hanks role to Gary Busey.

But Gritty is so much more than Castaway Gary Busey.

According to mention.com, as of this Thursday around noon (Gritty debuted Monday), there have been over 9,000+ mentions of Gritty across social networks, blogs, news platforms, etc. From those mentions, the combined potential reach for those news outlets/pages is over 15.2 billion potential (googly) eyeballs.

Which means that whether people love or hate him, they passionately care about Gritty’s existence. GRITTY ELICITS A RESPONSE.

Of course he does.

Gritty’s a well-calculated, two years in development risk.

A walking meme, tailor-made for 2018.

A self-aware meta-mascot who simultaneously trolls everything about mascots (they’re plush toy monsters of inexplicable origins) and celebrates everything about mascots (fan engagement, great social content, laying bare the mysteries of existence), while perfectly embodying bananas Philadelphia sports fandom (did you see what those people did/ate after winning the Super Bowl?).

All of which will keep people obsessively tweeting about Gritty.

Photoshopping Gritty into the background of stock photos.

And brewing beers in Gritty’s honor.

And here’s to every one of us working to catch some of that sweet Gritty magic for our own brands.

Have a, uh, Gritty weekend, everybody!

– Your pro-mascot friends at Brokaw.

…whether people love or hate him, they passionately care about Gritty’s existence. @GRITTYNHL ELICITS A RESPONSE.

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