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Social Listening: it’s more than just smiling and nodding while your eyes glaze over as someone tries their darndest to explain what NFTs are (Not Fun Time).

Rather, it’s a way to use social media to analyze the buzz (for better or for worse) around your brand, industry, keywords, and competitors. It helps you stay in step with your audience and can inform what to share on your channels.

Essentially, it’s like eavesdropping on the collective conversation. And there are many helpful tools to help you read the virtual room, take actionable feedback to your marketing and product teams, and finally give the people what they want.

So, was social listening the impetus for Netflix ditching that super judge-y “Still watching?” button? Probably!

Will it also help inform what you definitely SHOULDN’T post? Absolutely!

Remember that super tone-deaf Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, which somehow gets worse with every re-watch? Well, if Big Cola had been tuned in to the nuanced conversations around race happening all around the internet, we’d bet a bunch of NFTs they wouldn’t have made that infamous clunker in the first place.

On a more positive note, social listening can also highlight what you’re doing well. If you see a bunch of people lovin’ a specific aspect of your brand, you can make the most of that.

You can run giveaways! Acknowledge the hype! And for the love of all things fried, bring back the spicy nuggets

With a little well-placed social listening, you can ensure your brand comes through loud and clear, and you remain the most interesting voice at the big brand box social (it’s a thing).

Have a pricking-up-your-ears weekend, everybody!

—Your attention-giving friends at Brokaw

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