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TV commercials are mini stories typically with a logo at the end. These stories are used to get a message across about a brand. I know what you’re thinking—duh, everybody knows that. But I have a point. So, here it goes…

One of the most important parts of a TV spot is the logo and its reveal. It stamps the message with ownership. It says, “This is who we are, and who we are approves this message.” Real bravado.


Brands that do this well embrace the mystery of a logo reveal. For example, GEICO chooses to keep it smart and simple, and that works great for them.

Others are a little more elaborate.

To use an analogy, let’s talk dating. Yeah, I know, dating is a common analogy genre, but it’s a darn good one. Along with that, TV advertising is sort of like dating: You introduce yourself, you have to make a good first impression, you make a few jokes (that hopefully don’t fall flat) and you ideally share a mutual attraction that leaves your date wanting to get to know you more. You definitely don’t want to show up wearing your name on your face, reminding your date every few seconds that they’re talking to “Chad.” “Hey, by the way, it’s me, Chad!” “Oh hey, Chad again.” “CHAD!!!!!!!”

The thing is, logos are really important to TV spots. But how you treat them can make or break the authenticity of your message. You do it with poise. With mystery. With allure and wit. With confidence in your message, and how you’re going to meet your consumers’ needs. You should have enough faith in the content leading up to your logo reveal to let it stand on its own.

As a maker of TV spots, the pressure is on me to reveal your logo with the utmost staying power. And together, we can truly create one heck of a mini story.

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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