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The ol’ creativity crockpot.

The think tank for theoreticals.

It’s a great tactic for promoting teamwork and the flow of idea juices. But when faced with a new, high-pressure project, it can be a bit hard to get the brain rain falling.

So how can we spark some frontal lobe lightning strikes?  

Question everything

Asking yourself questions is one of the simplest ways to get out of an idea funk, and it’s a great way to find your groove when you’re not sure how to begin.

Next time you sit down for a think-sesh, try these storm-starters: What kind of advertising do you want to see? What’s the most unsettling color for an egg to be? How do you want the audience to feel after seeing your ad? Can you invent a new flavor of soup? What’s new or important about the story you’re telling? Good (and sometimes odd) questions can lead you to unexpected places.

First is the worst (sometimes)

Sometimes, first ideas suck. Not because they’re bad, but because they usually come from things we’ve already seen. Of course, that’s not to say your instincts are out of whack. But our tiny friend from Pass It On makes a good point: patience is a virtue. So don’t be afraid to set those first thoughts aside for a bit and see what else might be swimming around that beautiful brain before you settle. 

Make what you see, what you get

Consider the difference between what you want to show, and what you want your audience to see. “But isn’t that the same thing?” you ask yourself.

We reply simply and eloquently: “No.” Didn’t you learn anything from that count-the-passes basketball game video?

What you want to show are the basics: products, people, and places. What you want your audience to see is much deeper: it’s the emotion that creates human connection. Understanding and leveraging that difference could be what turns your good work into great stuff.

So, make sure to bring a parasol to your next b-storm. We heard there’s a 100% chance of brilliance.

Have a thought-provoking weekend, everybody! 

—Your thunder-and-lightning-thinkers at Brokaw 

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