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Is it February, yet? Maybe because it feels like we’ve already lived many lifetimes this year…or maybe because it rapidly continues a steady march to summer…but we’re really looking forward to our favorite 28-day month.

I mean, football fans get The Big Game, chocoholics have Valentine’s Day, and trivia buffs can bore everyone on Presidents’ Day. And then there’s Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day. (Did I mention Groundhog Day?)

Sure, the idea that a rodent determines how many weeks are left in winter may be a massive professional insult to meteorologists everywhere. But this annual event also gave us the eponymous movie, starring Bill Murray, world’s greatest human and star of many a dotty anecdote. And you really don’t need a reason to revisit the Jeep commercial it inspired, do you? (Well, here it is anyway.)

That ad was hailed as one of last year’s best, way before an indefinite time loop became our collective de facto lifestyle.

And just like “Groundhog Day” the movie, there are several things its tiny sequel gets right. It adds a little dark humor, a little heartfelt human truth, and still manages to squeeze in the visual of a groundhog in a BabyBjörn. Voilà! You have a great ad, based on (inarguably) the best movie ever.

This just goes to show that story is king. That you can change hearts and minds and immune systems with a really good through line. And that, when seeking inspiration, feel free to lean into our shared experiences and inherently understood pop culture references—whether it’s watching Harold Ramis’s masterpiece (which, again, I can’t recommend highly enough) or groaning at Nickelback.

So, if this upcoming, mercifully-short February is spent consuming a backlog of “can’t miss” entertainment (that you did in fact miss), well, go ahead and consider that a win.

Have an anything-but-boring weekend, everybody!

—Your endlessly-here-for-you friends at Brokaw

…story is king

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