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As a wise marketing professor once read off a PowerPoint slide: “We know that 4% of advertising is remembered positively, 7% is remembered negatively, and 89% isn’t noticed or remembered.” And let me tell you: that lesson totally justified all those student loans. (Even if he was just quoting Dave Trott.)

Disheartening? Maybe. Encouragement to dive deep into un-blah advertising? Definitely.

Reports say that Gen Z operates as many as five screens at once, which is great news for both advertisers and optometrists. After all, that means more opportunities to get more eyeballs on your work than ever before. But how do you actually rack up all that attention—and give your customer a sweet, sweet payoff?

Do the opposite of what they’d expect. Throw a lifesaver to keep them from drowning in boredom. You know, zig when they zag.

Here come the examples:

Activations in densely-populated cities are awesome, but maybe you should fling your rugged beer brand far into the forest instead.

Or ask why you’d turn to aspirational stock footage when people will reveal themselves as the multi-dimensional messes we all are?

Use a bald actor to promote your hair salons, no matter how resentful he may be.

And when puppies reign as the default awww-inducing animal, consider putting a horse in a cardigan.

Maybe you don’t have the budget for equine cashmere, and that’s fine. But you can bring the same energy to your brand’s social feed. You might click on to Moon Pie’s Twitter account expecting some Hostess-approved recipes, but then you have another thing coming.

Consider that zig, zagged.

And that’s how you keep it 4%.

Have a 100% awesome weekend, everybody!

—Your statistically stellar friends at Brokaw

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