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Artificial Intelligence usually calls to mind a robot apocalypse. And while, yes, that’s almost certainly inevitable (cue Sophia, the first robot citizen), let’s first make some uncanny lemonade out of dystopian hellscape lemons, shall we?

Besides overthrowing the human race, you can also use AI to improve customer relations, stand out from competitors, and change shoppers’ experiences. Here’s how to hit the AI trifecta:

Sentiment and social listening

It’s important to know the word on the street re: your brand. But if you’re a national or global name, the only way to synthesize all the online chatter—without exploding your social media manager’s brain—is through social listening analysis.

An algorithm-driven platform like Talkwalker breaks it down into an easily digestible sentiment analysis, so you can quickly make good with disgruntled customers before they trash you on other social channels. In other words: AI can help win your brand some BFFs.

Conversational AI

Messaging apps, chatbots, voice control assistants—they all combine automation with AI. Which means humans (whatever that even means anymore) can interact with your brand in real time, whether you build your own voice-app to streamline a process or just want to provide a free, fun robo-friend.

To ensure this AI lives up to the hype, consider your brand’s real-world value, and then translate that to a genuinely useful skill.

Visual search

Put the “AI” in “retail” with tools like Pinterest’s Lens feature. Users can open Lens on the app, snap a pic, and let tech lead the way to new ideas and pins inspired by the photo.

By taking visual clues from customers, brands can act as personal, digital shopping consultants—and then learn from the experience of how to improve recommendations for users’ next visit. And that, friends, is what a win-win looks like.  

It’s almost as if…machines and mankind can work harmoniously to make the world a smarter, better place. Huh.

Have a mechanically precise weekend, everybody!

—Your peacefully coexisting friends at Brokaw

It’s almost as if…machines and mankind can work harmoniously to make the world a smarter, better place. Huh.

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