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Those whiffs of hot dog in the wind can only mean one thing: it’s Brokaw’s 27th birthday. Well, okay, two things—major league baseball is back.  

And ipso facto, spring campaigns are, too. Yes, snow may still be on the ground (in certain, very fortunate parts of the world), but we’re celebrating the chance to create fresh, new work the same way we observe Opening Day:

With a lot of enthusiasm

Nobody wants to be the cranky Kathy sitting with their arms crossed as the whole stadium does the wave. Likewise, a good attitude makes for good work. As Unilever CMO Keith Weed wrote for “The Drum,” “Great results come from people excited and upbeat about the fantastic industry we work in…who create a positive atmosphere to help themselves and others do their best work.”

By adapting to conditions

Welcoming back the boys of summer in Cleveland usually requires that you bundle up. Gotta dress to keep up with the conditions the same way we work to accommodate ever-evolving technology. If five years ago you said, “Let’s have Al Roker make an Animoji PSA,” people would think you drank too much hotdog water again. And yet, that’s exactly how the Forest Service is celebrating Smokey Bear’s 75th. We live, we learn, we make things accordingly.

By shooting for October

As of right now, every MLB club is still swinging for the fences—and the World Series. And you should too! Or, at least pursue your brand’s big game equivalent, whether it’s increased inclusivity or saving our home planet.

By taking pictures with mascots

I mean, obviously.

We only ask that you treat every day like it’s Opening Day, whether you’re cheering on our beloved Tribe or creating groundbreaking work. And remember: let the kids play.

Have an all-star weekend, everybody!

Your starting-lineup-worthy friends at Brokaw

“Great results come from people excited and upbeat about the fantastic industry we work in…”

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