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There’s nothing like the ol’ back-to-school reinvention of self. The first day has always been a quick reveal of who got their braces off, grew six inches, or was on the receiving end of an absolutely brutal haircut.

Well, if you miss seeing real life “afters” in action, there’s no need to return to middle school (blech). Brands are glowing up enough for the rest of us!

Because every big name you interact with—from your morning cup of joe to your credit card—has likely shifted their identity in some capacity. Of course, some have been more necessary than others—like how the world’s number one search engine was initially named “BackRub.” (Thank Google they changed it.)

So, if you’re overdue for a makeover, it’s time to hit up our very own glam squad:   

Refresh your roots

It’s more meaningful when your refresh is inspired by your brand’s past or its aspirational future. If you’re seeking inspiration, search your own archive for insight. Kind of like showing your hairdresser an “old” picture of yourself with Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” and saying, “Like this, but now-ier.”

Let it sit

Of course, change can ignite strong feelings from otherwise indifferent people. But after the initial wave of reactions—the backlash, heart eye emojis, et al.—people will get used to it. And, dare we say, even grow to like it (unless you’re Gap). In the meantime, don’t let the haters get you down. Maybe let Tom Hanks do the talking as you let the shock die down.

Make it “you”

Finally, in a world full of bland sans serif, take a cue from your favorite advertising agency (*Ahem* us), and run full speed toward type with all the feet.

Yes, even the most iconic names in the world evolve. To grow their existing customer base, to keep their hands on their market share in a highly competitive world, and to own that big, slow-walking-down-the-hallway-with-your-hair-blowing-in-the-wind moment.

And if you have fears about taking your new look into your own hands? Hey, just call us 😉

Have a drastically different weekend, everybody!

—Your graduated-at-the-top-of-brand-beauty-school friends at Brokaw

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