The temps here in Cleveland have finally climbed out of the 40s, and it feels downright balmy.

Seasonal ice cream stands are creaking open their shutters.

Sightings of knees have jumped 300%.

That’s right, it’s almost summer.

And in summer, things are different: our schedules, our clothes, our attitudes. So you can bet your stars ’n’ stripes Speedo we consume media differently, too. To help prepare, here are five ways to sculpt your strategies and get a tight brand beach bod.

Social gets some sun.

Sure, everyone’s still glued to their selfie machines. But usage tends to shift from watching the Walmart yodeling video (again) to planning and sharing travel experiences. Trending topics on social channels change too. In those dog days, we’re more likely to chat and post about running, beaches, parties, parks, and even keeping kids entertained (Got that, helicopter parents?). So if you have something to say about where you’ll be, start sharing it now. (But no matter the format, nobody wants to see your Niagara Falls slideshow. Sorry, Uncle Fred.)

TV gets a vacation.

Since the early days of broadcast, the TV news and talk formats trend lowest in summer, when the Griswolds take their two weeks and hit the road for Wally World. Working patterns, travel, and lifestyle changes alter daily routines, and that means the normal consumption of weekday news is interrupted, too. Adjust accordingly.

But school’s in for mobile, internet, and radio.

No break for you guys. People just can’t leave their internet alone, despite the annoying screen glare. Searches and topics may change (less “snowshoe rental near me” and more “homemade slip-n-slide how-to”), but usage is still as high as the temps outside. And people who tune in to the radio during their workday also listen on the beach, at the pool, and on vacation in their DIY sweat lodges. (Just us? Cool.)


The year’s biggest blockbusters roll out during the summer when people look to escape the unrelenting heat of El Sol without being stuck at home. Which explains the lifts in cinema media time. Might also be the right time to invest in cargo shorts stock. (You just know people are smuggling Sno-Caps in all those pockets.)

Everyone is outside. Why aren’t you? 

Concerts, baseball games, festivals: There’s no better time to expose your brand to the critical masses. Whether it’s through street teams, giveaways, or sponsorships, the best way to get in front of the eyes and into the hands of your audience is to do it when they’re outside, and in a good mood, because, oh yeah: it’s summer. And summer rules.

So there you have it. Tweak a few of your marketing plans, and you’ll be making waves in no time. Just don’t forget your arm floaties and blob of nose sunscreen.

Have an SPF 1,000 weekend everybody.

– Your never-Speedo-wearing friends at Brokaw

Searches and topics may change, but usage is still as high as the temps outside.

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