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Want to step away from the never-ending work-from-home slog? Have PTO to burn before 12/31? Need a mental break from *vaguely gestures* everything? Lucky for you, ad agencies are the new travel agencies.

As we’ve mentioned, brands that rely on experiences have had to pivot. And seven months into social isolation (I know), marketers are appealing to our collective cabin fever.

Check out the safe, distanced getaways you probably haven’t considered yet:

Yearning for simpler times, when your biggest problem was finding the perfect VHS tape to rent on a Friday night? Book a stay at the last BLOCKBUSTER in Bend, Oregon.

Want to escape the avalanche of election news? Hide under a rock in New Mexico, where the political ads can’t find you. (Seriously. It’s a literal cave.)

Want to trade Zoom hangouts for skyscraper suspensions? Try one of Jeep’s urban hanging hotels in London. That adrenaline rush will power your binge watching for months to come.

Thirsty for good vibes? Miller Lite’s timeshare is basically a time machine set to 1975 where you can just chill out, man.

Or perhaps you’d prefer something closer to home. Relive the glory days in your own backyard with Natty Light’s Dorm From Home. Senior year alcohol tolerance is not included.

If you need to relax for what feels like an eternity, take a day trip to Lake View Cemetery—and maybe even find a permanent residence while you’re there.

And for those who, alas, can’t manage a getaway, we imagine wearing Hormel’s bacon-scented mask for an extended period of time could induce its own kind of trip.  

All these activations remind us that there are still ways to think outside the box while confined to home. Also: we need to plan a vacation for 2021. Boy, has the entire world earned it. In fact, maybe we’ll start packing now.

Have a virtually wanderlust-y weekend, everybody!

—Your jet-setting-via-couch-sitting friends at Brokaw

Need a mental break from *vaguely gestures* everything? Lucky for you, ad agencies are the new travel agencies.

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