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Historically, global and national events that impact the economy and our culture have given birth to new generations. Baby Boomers arose from the ashes of World War II. Gen Z, the post 9/11 kids, marked the end of the Millennials. And regardless of COVID-19’s longevity, it’ll undoubtedly usher in a cohort unlike any other.

So, what characteristics will define this new age band? Here are our best Bro-dictions:

Basic. (No, not this definition.)

They won’t want things unless they truly need them—and then they might get a little hoard-y. People are realizing what they can (and can’t) live without. So if you’re a luxury brand, you may find yourself as a tough sell with this demo down the line. Be ready to tell them why you’re essential.


Now that people can’t go anywhere, they’re starting to really miss things. For example: going places. America’s tech zombies are suddenly enthusiastic about taking a stroll. Or hopping on the ol’ banana seat bicycle that was previously collecting dust in the garage. Brands may find helping people reconnect with nature is more impactful than sponsoring extravagant, max-capacity events.


COVID-19 has created an anxious, paranoid sub-pandemic of its own. Moms and dads across America are hovercrafting over their children with (homemade) hand sanitizers and dousing the house with bleach after the smallest of ah-choos. The youth of this fiasco just may require an extra dose of reassurance that prior generations didn’t need. Prepare to instill trust and give confidence on top of providing a service, because the fulfillment of emotional needs is about to become a lot more important.

As for right now, balcony performances and TikTok choreography have become vital for keeping spirits up and inspiring proper hygiene. So if you want to get in touch with Gen C from the get-go, join the masses participating in Quang Dang’s dance challenge. (And please send us your submissions.)

Have a spread-joy-not-germs weekend, everybody!

—Your hopeful-for-the-future friends at Brokaw

What characteristics will define this new age band? Here are our best Bro-dictions:

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