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It’s been seven years since Dude Perfect entered the viral marketing scene, and it appears they’re not going away, folks. In fact, their YouTube channel is now averaging over 4 million views a day.

Who’s Dude Perfect, you say?! (Time to crawl out from under that 5-martini rock, Don Draper.)

Picture a boy band comprised of five annoyingly personable, enthusiastic, and athletic dudes from Texas A&M University who absolutely love high-fiving each other.

Only instead of singing terrible songs accompanied by awful choreography, they shoot videos of record-breaking trick shots. Then post them to YouTube. Oftentimes with guest appearances from stars like Serena Williams, LeBron James, and Paul Rudd, as well as big corporate sponsors like Gillette, GMC, NERF, and Ruffles.

That’s it?!

Yep. In fact, this ridiculously simple formula has helped them amass over 2 billion views since 2009—not to mention, helped lead to other business ventures including a Dude Perfect TV show, Dude Perfect mobile apps, and Dude Perfect NERF toys.

So what can these tricky dudes teach us about this marketing frontier?

1. Find the right influencers.

If you’re looking to accelerate your brand exposure and get your new product in front of millions of eyeballs in an authentic, more credible way… consider leveraging influencers whose audience and brand personality aligns with yours.

It makes a ton of sense for NERF to partner with Dude Perfect to sell new NERF guns. Or GE Lighting to team up with three home improvement bloggers to drive traffic to Target, Walmart, and Home Depot. (Say, how’d that shameless case study video get in there?)

2. Find a niche and become an influencer.

By owning “video trick shots,” Dude Perfect has more than just built a 12 million subscriber YouTube following and a global DP brand—they’ve built their own distribution channel. Must be nice to go from buying media to becoming a sought-after media. (“Hello, Dude Perfect? Can you fly to Gillette Stadium and do some wacky trick shots for an excessively large sum of money and some free razors?”)

3. Be consistent.

It’s one thing for marketers to create an engaging brand video. It’s another to do this week-after-week for seven years straight. However, the Dude Perfect model has shown us that it takes more than just consistent content that always ends with a fist bump to build an engaged brand following. You need great, buzz-worthy content. Or as we like to say, content that rises above the blah blah. Which brings us to our last point.

4. Realize marketing is as much art as it is science

Your brilliant strategic marketing plan that gets your brand in front of exactly the right target at the right time is worthless if you don’t have exactly the right message that resonates with your audience in a way that’s authentic and relatable. If you sound like an ad…. dude, you’re toast.

As much as marketing has become a science these days with big data and programmatic buys, it’s still an art. And it’s still about talking to consumers as real people, not robots or like that Mad Men supercomputer.

Mad Men Supercomputer

So before you launch your next campaign or pump out that next piece of content, take off your scientific marketing cap and simply ask yourself:

a.) Would I share this with anyone?

b.) Will it rise above not just other content out there, but everything that’s competing for my attention at this instant right now (BTW—did you see the new iPhone 7 with those wireless AirPods? Crazy, right?).

Good luck rising above in this wacky, new trick-shot world, folks. Remember, when in doubt, use your head.

-Your not-so-tricky friends at brokaw

As much as marketing has become a science these days with big data and programmatic buys, it’s still an art.

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