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Experimentation is thriving: on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, among homebound mad scientists (we assume). Not to be confused with “experiential,” experimental content lets creators build their brands by attempting new things for the betterment—and entertainment—of all.

Take, for example, two of my favorite channels:

Ever wondered why wet golf balls react differently with certain brands of wedges? How Tiger and Rory’s driver setups differ? Or even how grip size impacts your swing?

Ian and Matt at Toronto-based TXG had the fore(!)sight to answer the questions you didn’t know you had. Their channel crosses science class with P.E. and makes wonderful fodder for upcoming Father’s Day conversations.

If you drool over the set pieces AND the brisket from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” check out YouTube’s “Binging with Babish.” Andrew Rea recreates famous dishes from your favorite shows—first for accuracy and then for taste, slogging through trial and error until he’s satisfied.

The explosive growth of the channel (now at over 7 million subscribers) has spawned entire spinoffs. The production value’s great, but the key ingredient is the passionate pursuit of improvement.

So what does experimenting mean for you? Opening up and learning a little. Create, test, make, explode a watermelon using rubber bands. This is an exciting opportunity to go beyond body copy or media mix. Make your quest for whatever-you-do greatness visible to existing fans; by providing a better understanding of your “why,” you just might win over even more.

If you’re wary of sharing the secret sauce, remember that growing the understanding of a space helps crown category leadership. And if being totally vulnerable in front of the whole world isn’t your thing (or if you’re camera shy), pass your product to influencers who will gladly give it a go in return for honest takes.

Remember, industry bests always experiment—at least, that’s how you can justify the time spent perfecting your backswing.

Have a learn-as-you-go weekend, everybody!

—Your knowledge-pursuing friends at Brokaw

Make your quest for whatever-you-do greatness visible to existing fans; by providing a better understanding of your “why”.

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