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What a time to be a fan. Avengers: Endgame is raking in unfathomable numbers at the box office. And the greatest television series to ever happen (in my unbiased, albeit, very correct opinion) is nearing its conclusion. For the record: I’m referring to Game of Thrones, not The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!

Luckily, there’s room for everyone on the peak of Mount Entertainmore—including brands. The pros of fangirling are backed by research: the 18-34 crowd is 35% more likely to purchase a product affiliated with their favorite movie over a competitor, and 28% more likely to make the same decision with a product tied to their favorite TV show. (Shout out to Simmons data.)

So, let’s take a look at how companies are capitalizing on this multiverse madness:

Inserting Easter eggs

A lil’ start-up called Google joined in the Avengers fun with a hidden gem courtesy of Thanos—just click the gold gauntlet (the glove, for you non-superfans) on the right. Not even cyberspace is safe from that burly Grimace.

Nodding to the fans

GE Lighting checked off both franchises in a new campaign for their C by GE line of smart products. Star John Slattery has a small part in Avengers, but in this fun spot, his turn as the King of Illumination captures the all too real anticipation of Sunday nights.

Offering limited-edition runs

McDonald’s is commemorating the star-studded superhero cast with Happy Meal toys that have kids and adults alike lining up. Of course, there’s already a secondary market on eBay.

Bringing Westeros to the real world

Shake Shack, the East Coast’s favorite burger chain, rolled out a new GoT-inspired menu, featuring a Dragonglass Shake that looks delicious for living humans…but is definitely not rated White Walker.

With billions upon billions of dollars rolling in, there’s plenty of engagement to go around for everyone who does their homework.

And while we may have hit max fandom, here at Brokaw, our crack team is already in search of the next great global phenomenon. (Hear us out: it’s grown men wrestling.) 

Have a pop-culturally-significant weekend, everybody!

– Your number one fans at Brokaw

There’s room for everyone on the peak of Mount Entertainmore—including brands—to capitalize on the multiverse madness.

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