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Easter eggs—they’re not just for filling with jelly beans, dropping in a shrub, and completely forgetting about until your lawn mower eats them one fine morning four months from now.

Rather, the phrase has come to encompass hidden features or references that speak to a fan base. In other words: if you know, you know. You know? (Wink!)

Easter eggs are a great way to add a little personality, evoke a major LOL (OK, a small chuckle), and further endear yourself to your audience.

So let’s hunt down some good ad eggs (cool phrase):


The Swedish furniture brand invited people to step into a magical world of hyper-organization, where the extremely ad-minded just might notice a certain iconic red lamp around 0:17. Of course, this fixture was the star of an earlier, universally beloved commercial.

Referencing previous work in your new ad? Talk about #goals.


When the innovative carmaker bid adieu to this beloved model, they sent it to The Great Junkyard In The Sky with a touching video celebrating its legacy. Look for some Andys (Cohen AND Warhol), plus a nod to their “Think Simply” campaign.

What’s that? No, I’m not crying over a car. YOU ARE!

Milka Chocolate

The candy maker went more literal with theirs, hosting an actual-but-digital egg hunt in Fortnite. Players had to find 15 eggs as quickly as possible to claim the title of Gamer With Most Time on Their Hands. Just kidding! (Kind of!)

This was an early-pandemic activation, and one of the first to prove brands could still pull off successful events from the comfort of home.

Taylor Swift

This poly-hyphenate pop star rivals the actual Easter Bunny. Her music videos and lyrics are chock full of clues and riddles that have everyone from your cool teen cousin to the LA Times speculating about what they could possibly mean.

And yes, we promised ad eggs (again: real phrase and also, yum), but there is no brand quite like T-Swift.

Here’s to uncovering all the hidden gems and stale candies—if not for us, then for your John Deere.

Have a spectacularly searching weekend, everybody!

—Your always-on-the-hunt friends at Brokaw

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