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Data: cold, hard, FACTUAL.

Personality: warm, squishy, subjective.

In these tech-heavy times, data has helped brands reach their intended audiences with borderline-scary accuracy. What data can’t do, however, is take that connection to the next level.

Here’s a clumsy allegory: data is giving your brand access to the “intended audience speed date,” but it’s only coming home with a handful of numbers, several of which are 867-5309.

The problem here is one of connection. Real emotional connection. Which is where brand personality comes in.

In today’s data-driven marketing world, brand personality is the X factor—the unique voice, tone, and perspective that consumers identify with, connect to, and eventually marry. (Or, okay, become loyal customers of.) In fact, emotionally connected consumers represent

  • 306% higher lifetime value 
  • 5.1 years of brand loyalty (vs. 3.4 years)
  • 71% likelihood to recommend their favorite brands (vs. 45%) 

For help in taking your brand from bland to in-demand, check out Person Up Your Brand™️®️, our FREE brand personality booster. It’s a simple, no-strings-attached, choose-your-own-adventure brand enhancement-izer.

Because once you have that brand personality, and unite it with cold, hard, laser-accurate data, your brand will never stumble home from the “intended audience speed date” sad and alone and scrolling Hulu for two hours before falling asleep on the floor again.

And dang it, we want that for you.

Have a personality+ weekend, everybody!

—Your robots-with-a-heart friends at Brokaw

A simple, no-strings-attached, choose-your-own-adventure brand enhancement-izer.

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