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Despite what the Father’s Day card aisle might have you believe, dads do a lot more than nap in recliners, guzzle beer by the gallon, and play golf every spare moment. Pew Research Center finds that a growing number of men are taking on housework and childcare responsibilities. Which is great for a bunch of reasons, including that it allows dads to channel Full House’s Danny Tanner and deliver clutch dadvice on the reg—that even brands can benefit from.

“Get noticed for the right reasons.”

Brand authenticity is a no-brainer, but so is the need to break through the blah blah. Enter: Dollar Shave Club. These groom-tastic marketing gods are celebrating the upcoming holiday with an entertaining ode to the dad bod. Plus, this unlikely earworm pushes to a limited-edition gift set that’s perfect for Pop.

“Before you speak: is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?”

According to “E-marketer,” people block ads online when they’re annoying, irrelevant, and intrusive. (Yep, that’ll do it!) But a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Take, for instance, Gillette’s sponsored content series on Fatherly. Here, the advertiser teamed up with a go-to, dad-focused digital media resource to give honest advice from great men—and therefore earned the brilliant glow of its brand halo. Interested in more content from Fatherly? May we suggest:

“Tell the gosh dang truth.”  

Whether you’re driving your Volkswagen straight into brand reparation mode, or trying to protect your daughter’s dreams (Warning: potential for quiet sobbing ahead), acknowledging the truth can be awkward, but it always pays off…

Much like a good dad joke does. Speaking of which: Do you know what happened when the grape got stepped on? It let out a little wine. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Have a positively paternal weekend, everybody!

—Your down-for-a-dad-joke friends at Brokaw

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