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Satellite has lost its sparkle; cable is for quitters.

Yes, streaming is the new standard for all-you-can-binge buffets. But you just may wonder: where do ads fit into these infomercial-free platforms?

Let’s meet the players.

Whatever content you’re consuming, you’re likely getting it one of two ways: OTT or CTV. Allow us to break down that alphabet soup.

OTT stands for “Over the Top” and refers to the mechanism through which you’re viewing the content. When you’re streaming without a satellite or cable connection (think phone, laptop, refrigerators that have screens for some godforsaken reason), that’s considered O-double-T.

CTV is a method of OTT—it stands for Connected TV. It’s specifically referring to the device that’s connected to or embedded in your television to support streaming.

Think of it this way: If you’re watching Hulu, you’re watching OTT content.

When you stream Hulu through your Roku Stick (Or PlayStation, Xbox, Firestick, Apple TV, and whatever Tesla will eventually be made to do this), then you’re streaming OTT content over CTV. Easy, right?  

Now, let’s bring in the ad angle.

If we go OTT, we get big-time brand safety, a 98% average completion rate, and every single ad runs full screen. Sweet deal.

Buuuut, CTV taps into that nontraditional niche to reach viewers who think flat screens are so 2000’s. We’re talking super-targeting superpowers, measurable ad data, and access to audiences who’ve cut ties with TVs.  

So next time you’re looking to infiltrate the next big streaming service with a super important advertising message, consider the network less traveled. You may find some unexpected connections.

In other words, if you want to include OTT or CTV in your media plan—call us ASAP.

Have a stream-worthy weekend, everyone!

—Your ditch-the-dish friends at Brokaw

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