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No yolk about it: 2019, much like this o-news, is off to a weird start.

Let me catch you up: Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement was the most popular Instagram post of all time. Until, that is, she was out-engaged by a photo of a simple brown egg, which racked up nearly three times as many virtual heart taps as Kylie’s previous record (51 million to Jenner’s 18 million).

No, really.

And here’s the weird thing: there was no branding, no inside joke, no partisanship, no context. As the original photographer noted, “Egg is just an egg.” (A quick note that that could still change, so stay tuned.)

This further proves that virality is a powerful, unpredictable, enigmatic force akin to a late-January deep freeze capable of bringing a Great Lake to a standstill.

And yet, there are marketing lessons to be learned. Because if your brand has the right approach, memes can provide an entertaining and shareable way to show your human side and harness the power of social media.

Here are a few guidelines for jumping on the meme-wagon:

Know thyself. First of all, we need to recognize that trying to connect with the kids won’t necessarily work for everyone, and context is important. Memes that explicitly pander are cringe-worthy at best, flamed by the entire Internet at worst.

Accept that some people just aren’t going to get it. Know your niche audience and cater to their interests. Like Moon Pies.

Stay caught up. Meme culture is constantly evolving, influenced by everything from current events and politics, to sports and celebrity gossip. Example: a few short weeks ago, Fiji Water Girl was the toast of the well-hydrated town. And now she’s…suing Fiji Water.

Boost your chances. Use relevant hashtags (Where’s my #EggGang at?), engage with your audience, and give them a reason to share.

Have fun! Being ridiculous is a core trait of memes, so don’t take yourself too seriously. Like, maybe celebrate the hard work of a beloved programmer and all his hard work…with a “not safe for work” hype video.

Have a weekend worthy of going viral, everybody!

-Your meme lord friends at Brokaw

Meme culture is constantly evolving, influenced by everything from current events and politics to sports and celebrity gossip.

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