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If you caught the Masters last weekend, you probably had the same reaction we did: “Wow, this whole shindig is EXACTLY like the ad industry!”

What’s that?

You were too distracted by the verdant lawns and/or possibility of gator sightings?

Well, I’m happy to walk you through all the similarities. Consider me your Ad Caddy (patent pending).

Calculated risks

When the tee shot finds its way into the trees, you need to decide whether to punch out safely or thread the needle between obstacles. The safer play beckons, but what’s the fun in that?!

Similarly, in advertising: stand out or don’t bother. In our pursuit of rising above the blah blah, we need to pursue smart risks (like featuring a bearded, middle school version of Josh Groban) instead of always playing it safe.

Focusing on the takeaway

Getting the swing started properly is often overlooked, but you won’t get consistently great results with a flawed takeaway.

Oof—that one hits close to home. The best creative stays focused on the takeaway too: the thing you want a person to feel and remember and do (Like recycling! For Kermit!). Start with strong insights, or a Muppet, and your campaigns will reward you.

Cutting some greats

The Masters is ruthless in narrowing down their competitors—even defending champ Dustin Johnson was sent home before the final rounds.

Let’s apply that same, no-days-off mentality to our ideas. Nurture them, and then put them under pressure. It might hurt to “kill your darlings,” as they say, but there’s only enough time and attention to fine-tune the most green-jacket-worthy ideas before sending them off into that hazard-filled par 5 we call life.

Have a “tee ’em high and let ’em fly” weekend, everybody!

—Your Addy-winning, caddy-happy friends at Brokaw

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