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Don’t get us wrong: WFH life has its perks. But as people persons, we miss real interaction. We yearn for our office, too—bad coffee, hyper sanitization practices, and all.

Culture and camaraderie have always been a priority for us (and a good excuse to build a functioning bar). So even as we shoot emails from the depths of our basements, or bedrooms, or most-definitely-broken-in-by-now sectional couches, we’re consciously trying to keep things “normal.”

So, here are some ways we’re keeping things afloat while braving our new everyday world.

Sticking to routines

In these UNCERTAIN TIMES™ we welcome certainty. Keeping your weekly meetings may seem low priority, but it’s a dependable way to add structure to a bananas world that’s proven to be episodically-susceptible to murder hornet attacks. Plus, you learn which of your colleagues still believe in “weekends” and the concept of time.

Getting some FaceTime

Rule number 6 in the not-quite-but-should-be-best-selling “How to Brokaw”: email is great for spreading information, following up, and scheduling, but it’s no bueno as a replacement for actually talking.

While some may cringe at the sight of their webcam doppelganger, virtual meetings can be more productive and casual than email. And there’s something soothing about gazing upon our work friends’ faces once again. So Teams calls will have to do for now—at least until our super extended coolers come in.

Showing some love

We have a weekly tradition called Victory Friday. During this agency-wide meeting, we recognize our coworkers’ wins, birthdays, and anniversaries. To make our WFH VFs more fun and less awkward—or at least, to make them uncomfortable in a different way— we built a digital Wheel of (Mis)Fortune. If the wheel lands on your name, you must give a Bro Shout Out.

Even if you don’t have a delightfully twisted tech wizard at your disposal (shout out to Mike Krueger!), kind words go a long way. And even farther in an isolating pandemic.

While your “new normal” may not feel so normal, we hope you’ll work to make it as close as you can. So far, it seems to be staving off the murder hornets. So far…

Have a find-your-somewhat-status-quo weekend, everybody!

Your always-consistent-never-boring friends at Brokaw

Here are some ways we’re keeping things afloat while braving our new everyday world.

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