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Okay, so, that happened. As in 2017. From watching retail giants like HHGregg, The Limited, Payless ShoeSource, RadioShack, Gymboree, and Toys“R”Us file for Chapter 11. To seeing the average tenure for a Chief Marketing Officer in the U.S. fall to 42 months. To hearing the news that Papa John himself was stepping down from the global pizza brand he built from scratch with “better ingredients,” blaming poor pizza sales on NFL player protests?! Yes, it was a sad year. On many levels. But it taught all of us marketers one very important lesson: Grow, or go… just like John’s pizza dough. 



But it’s a new year and time to start fresh (Papa Peyton’s, perhaps?). So, let’s get growing! Let’s kick 2018’s ass and take names like Chuck Norris would… if he actually had the time to take names instead of just kicking ass. (p.s. he doesn’t) 

Let’s find opportunity in uncertainty, chaos, and, umm, sports disaster.

Like an over-the-counter headache pain reliever sponsoring a parade for an 0-16 NFL team.  



Let’s demand bold work that surprises and delights.

Safe, traditional solutions lead to incremental results. Our solutions should be bold, original, competitive, and buzzworthy. Our brands deserve authenticity, not cookie-cutter solutions. Even if that requires a few fake I.D.’s

Let’s never forget to ask ourselves the most important question in marketing: “Why should anyone give a crap?”

How did the insight snowball into a bigger idea, a deeper truth about human beings? Or conference calls? What human emotion, attitude, or behavior are we tapping into? People use brands to assemble their identities and communicate to the world: “This is who I am.” Or even better, “This is who I want to be.” Our solutions should be that targeted, that relevant, and that aspiring. Like a fearless girl staring down a bull. 

Finally, let’s simplify

Great advertising is created not by what we put in, but by what we take out. Maybe your ad doesn’t need to be 30 seconds. Maybe it could be 15 seconds. Or 6 seconds. Or a 3-word tweet. Or how about just a creepy red balloon floating above a sewer grate? Done.  



So, what do you say? Let’s make this the year we turn the CMO role into the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) or CMM (Chief Money Maker) or CRS (Company Rock Star).

Call us crazy, but we’ve got a few ideas to help you rise above in 2018.  

Happy New Year, everybody! 

-Your CMBro friends at Brokaw

Let’s make 2018 the year we turn the CMO role into the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) or CMM (Chief Money Maker) or CRS (Company Rock Star).

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