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Hold on to your hats, media buying buffs! Downtown Cleveland is going digital. In January, the city announced it will transition more than 60 traditional downtown kiosks into interactive digital units called IKE Kiosks

I’m commenting on this huge news now because I’ve only just recovered from my initial excitement. And yet, every day still feels like Christmas morning for our team because these units (in addition to being touch screen!) provide so many new opportunities for media tactics:

Consumer Focus

Since they were concepted as public way-finding tools, each kiosk is Wi-Fi enabled to let users search for nearby restaurants, shopping, hotels, transit lines, and parks within a 1.5-mile radius. What does this mean for you? Not to be dramatic, but consumers will pledge their undying loyalty to you for providing this unparalleled convenience.

Creative Flexibility

Digital media lets you run different creative at no additional cost, so you can change messaging easily and often. (Score one for Team Digi.) Plus, it allows you to dabble in daypart messaging or serve up piping hot creative that reflects info from an RSS feed (think weather-triggered ads). As media strategists, we swear by our spreadsheets, but we can flex our creative muscles, too! These units allow us to pop our outside-the-box biceps in all sorts of ways.

Measurable Metrics

Historically, it’s been difficult to track outdoor media beyond impressions. KPIs have been limited to vague non-descriptors like “awareness” and “buzz.” No more! The IKE kiosks will not only count impressions, but will also take note of frequency, average dwell time, and conversions. Advertisers can sort this information by day of week and time of day and adjust creative accordingly.

Of course, we’ll never give up on trusty, traditional billboards. But it’s thrilling to see new options emerge. While we continue to geek out over here, we encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for the units as they pop up throughout downtown (during your annual summer sojourn to C-Town). In fact, five are currently live. Did we just hand you your weekend plans? Thank us later.

Have an impossibly interactive weekend, everybody!

 –Your media-minded friends at Brokaw

Hold on to your hats, media buying buffs! Downtown Cleveland is going digital.

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