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We live in a world ruled by due dates, constricted timelines, and hyper-divided workdays. Now, many people in this modern life of ours have found solace in the form of mindfulness—an ancient meditation practice/philosophy that cultivates presence and awareness to foster more thoughtful action. And given our industry’s penchant for quick turnarounds, there’s a lot to say for slowing things down to advertise more ethically and effectively while staying friendly with the schedule masters.

Be mindful of your consumers

For every amazing gadget, there’s a host of murky ethical questions riding sidecar. Like, say, fun social platforms (*cough* @Instagram) surreptitiously designed to keep us addicted while contributing to growing mental health concerns.

Which is a good reminder that we’re responsible for what we put into the world. By carefully considering brand messaging and removing unnecessary interactions (see: content for the sake of content), users will have a reason to keep checking in.

Communicate early and often

Fun fact: nobody benefits from poorly executed advertising.

That’s why we agency types should remain open to the opinions of other art directors, strategists, account managers, designers, and (of course) clients to ensure everyone holds a shared vision of the work. When the team’s on board, you’ll proactively smooth out bumps that might have derailed you further down the road, resulting in the most brilliant, carefully-considered work possible.

Explain yourself

Today’s highly connected consumers are seeking transparent, engaging, and genuine experiences. According to a 2017 global brand study, 91 percent of consumers said they are “willing to reward a brand for its authenticity by recommending the brand to friends or buying the product.”

Taking the time to align your product, mission, and marketing is a smart strategy to help your brand resonate with consumers, improve your ROI, and generally keep it real.

In this fast-paced world, standing out can start with slowing down. Who knew?

Have a tuned-in weekend, everybody!

– Your mindfully meditative friends at Brokaw

As agency professionals and marketing gurus, we’re collectively responsible for what we put out into the world.

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