1. Never Stop Innovating. Or Die.

See: Blockbuster.

(Wow, that one was easy.)

  1. Give the People What They Want.

Or for those fluent in ad-jargon: use data to take calculated risks and make decisions based on what your consumers want—which it should be noted, may be different from what your board or investors want. It may even defy logic.

Do it anyway.

Case in point: you’d think a 29% Rotten Tomatoes score would make people pound the back arrow on their Apple TV remotes. And yet over the last 16 months, Netflix subscribers have streamed over 500 million hours of Adam Sandler movies. So Netflix continues to invest in The Waterboy’s original features. (BTW: 29% is the highest review rating of all Sandler-conceived content. Give him this: the man is consistent.)

And while you may not have the same unlimited access to in-depth analytics, you can always track your KPIs and adjust accordingly. The people have spoken. Listen.

  1. Demand Original Content

Given the reputation they’ve earned—and the awards they’ve racked up—it’s wild the House Red Envelopes Built started producing their now-trademark originals a mere six years ago.

In that short time, they’ve released smashes like Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, G.L.O.W., Arrested Development, and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Which is all to say that while, yes, everyone will always enjoy another go-around of The Office, people are down to switch it up. So give them some OG content to rave about. (Or dress up as for Halloween.)   

  1. Hire Great Creative Talent. Then Set Them Free.

Netflix has penned exclusive deals with everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to the Obamas. And in addition to record-breaking paydays, the streaming behemoth offers something your average primetime slot can’t: creative freedom.

Which explains why the hormone-addled teens of Big Mouth, the uncensored thoughts of Dave Chappelle, and the cultish charms of Oh, Hello on Broadway have been able to find a home—and an audience. Netflix hires brilliant creators who have a proven track record and then lets them do their thing. If they fail, they pull the plug and move quickly to their next venture. (They’ve spawned 88% more originals in 2018 than they did at this time last year.)

Remember that you’ve assembled your crack creative team for a reason. Give them the problem and let them go wild.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish Ozark.

Have a spoiler-free weekend, everybody!

– Your consciously streaming friends at Brokaw

Remember that you’ve assembled your crack creative team for a reason. Give them the problem and let them go wild.

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