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“Cause no one can deny, this love I have inside. And I give it all to you. My love (my love, my love). My endless looooooooove.”Nicole Richie’s Dad

Today, more than any other day, the former lead singer of the Commodores is right: love is really important. And while we’re all prepping to shower our beloved with Hot Wheels-themed valentines and chalky-tasting candy hearts, it makes sense to ask a heartfelt question:

How can you tell if anyone really loves your brand?

In this digi-netty™ age of Yelp-ing, Groupon-ing, and instant info gathering, brand loyalty has become a tougher relationship to establish and maintain.

Sure, you can point to your brand’s number of Facebook fans. But how about those brands, for whom F-book love is a harder sell—like the smartphone-hugging OtterBox?

The fact is, not every brand (like a certain orange-helmeted one we know) can redefine dysfunctional and still retain a delusional following. Which means there’s still no substitute for real, relationship-building brand work.

So maybe, on this day of love-sharing (probably a poor choice of words), it’s about showing your customers as much love as you’d like them to show you—just like a real-life healthy relationship. Take it from our Santa Monica client, neuro drinks. If you make a high-quality product that never fails to deliver night-after-night, it may even inspire NPH to sing your brand’s praises in an oh-so-sultry voice.

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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