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In a perfect world, we’d be elbowing through the crowded aisles of Target to land choice Five Star notebooks or scouring the mall for kids’ size 12 corduroys right now (BTW: if you find any, pls let us know.).

Yes, this pandemic has us yearning for the previously stressful moments of “back to school seasons” past. But instead of wallowing in the doom and gloom of a recess-free world, we’re choosing to revisit some core principles that can be gleaned from the (now very sanitized) halls of our alma maters.


As an agency, we hypothesize. We test. We learn. Did it work? Did it work well? How can we improve upon it? Make like science class and experiment. Because ironically enough, trying new ideas and exploring unknowns is the one constant in #AdLife. (No wonder the advice to “buckle up” resonates all these years later.)

Get with the in crowd

In this industry, the “cool kids” are those who adopt new technologies and shape creative based on learnings from past campaigns. Yeah, they’re pretty much living life on the edge.

And that manifests in flipping the script on conventional meal times. In messing with parents’ autocorrect. And in placing the lab fan at just the right angle to mess up Mr. Corbin’s terrible hairpiece. (Sorry again, Mr. C.) 

All in a day’s work.

Raise your hand

With an abundance of social media platforms and newfangled media placements, there are more opportunities to get creative than ever before. We now live in a world with traveling movie theaters/ice cream trucks, for crying out loud.

If you have an idea that has legs, don’t be afraid to share it. Even if showing said legs gets you hauled into the principal’s office for a dress code violation. Again. Hey, maybe the corduroys were a good call after all.

Even if we’re far removed from these glory days, there are still lessons to be learned. So hit the (year)books, make like Tracy Flick (or Paul Metzler), and let’s get an A+ in totally un-blah advertising.

Have a decidedly-not-academic weekend, everybody!

—Your ready-with-a-number-two-pencil friends at Brokaw

We’re choosing to revisit some core principles that can be gleaned from the (now very sanitized) halls of our alma maters.

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