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My retinas are scorched from all the sequins, and Ryan Seacrest’s clunky segues are seared into my brain, which can only mean one thing: it’s awards season! And while Brendan Fraser’s still practicing how to applaud, we at Brokaw have been sifting through the best of the best for the third quadrennial Bromie awards.

You know, the Bromies: when we celebrate the most un-blah campaigns that made us laugh, cry, think, and forward the links to our friends. Without further ado: the winners.

Most Condensed Biopic: #EltonJohnLewis

High-end UK retailer John Lewis & Partners is famous for charming Christmas ads. This year, they shifted keys by featuring Elton John, world-class singer and eyeglasses connoisseur, as he revisits the major performances of his life. The 140-second spot was met with widespread acclaim, has garnered nearly 13 million views on YouTube, and has likely inspired many to give “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” another listen.

Most Discussed at Thanksgiving: Believe in Something

Nike’s newest campaign premiered in September and was immediately met with all of the reactions. Colin Kaepernick’s starring role provoked some backlash, but strategy was in Nike’s corner: more and more consumers (especially millennials) are drawn to brands that make statements and take a stand on social issues. In this case, the ad generated over 8 million conversations online, and Nike sales grew by 31%. (Early odds have Gillette taking this trophy next.)

Ken Bone Award for Breakout Star: Golden Globes’ #FijiWaterGirl

Speaking of award shows, let’s give it up for #FijiWaterGirl (aka Canadian model Kelleth Cuthbert), who wandered the red carpet with poise and a tray of Fiji. She posed, preened, earned the wrath of Jamie Lee Curtis, trended on Twitter, and racked up 1 billion impressions on social media. When it comes to meme potential, the thirst is real (ugh, sorry).

Most Lemons into Lemonade: Goose Island 43-Yard Field Goal Challenge

 When life gives you lemons, kick a field goal. That was Chicago-based Goose Island Brewery’s strategy when (former Browns player) Cody Parkey missed a field goal and dashed the Bears’ postseason hopes. Goose Island invited people to outshine this paid professional athlete by making the 43-yarder, with tickets to an NFL game on the line. The response was overwhelming, and the results were hilarious. Participants went 0-100. But it looks so easy on TV!

Sincere congratulations to this year’s winners. Now, excuse us as we practice our red carpet banter in anticipation of the ADDYs.

Have a “Best 48 Hours of the Year Award” -winning weekend, everybody!

-Your solid gold friends at Brokaw

You know, the Bromies: when we celebrate the most un-blah campaigns that made us laugh, cry, think, and forward the links to our friends.

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