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While the autumnal equinox technically begins this Wednesday, all those major magazines have already released their fall volumes, with their record-breaking page counts and mailbox-crushing heftiness.

September issues: there’s even a documentary about them!

So we’ll leave the fashion tips to the experts. (Provided they recognize that neon tank tops have finally reached wardrobe staple status.)

But we do have an eye for some ad-world trends that’ll ensure you stay on point this season:

Homemade goods

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte—which is fine, because they’ll still make $500 million in sales annually. If instead, you find yourself craving something homemade, you’re not alone.

After all, you can usually taste the difference—the authenticity, warmth, and maybe some contraband whiskey that went into it. And when it comes to using real footage, you can reap the same benefits. (Okay, sans alcohol.) Such is the case with Google Nest’s charming ads featuring crowdsourced videos.

Keep it real this fall, and you’ll be richly rewarded.


Oprah, HGTV, and House Beautiful have all shared their favorite seasonal scents. But, embarrassingly enough, they all left the signature Boyz II Men candle off their lists.

Beyond smell, brands have joined the bandwagon for some of the less expected senses. (Let’s face it: in traditional ads, sight and sound are gimmies.) From making a Tag Team-approved ice cream to creating bananas-cool controllers, consider all the more tactile, out-of-the ordinary ways you can appeal to customers’ senses.

All the inspo

Halloween will be here before you know it, and recent ads are featuring some wild characters who’d make for great costumes. I mean, Patrick Mahomes dressed as a sneakerhead would be a big hit with your nerdiest marketing friends (provided they’re not Browns fans).

Using a recurring character helps build recognition, and it’s nice to have a human avatar for all your brand represents.

Stay tuned as more trends come down the seasonal pipeline—and in the meantime, why not bundle up in a fleece blanket and enjoy a wedge of homemade pumpkin pie (and maybe a spiked latte) next to your fire pit? #timelesstrends

Have an amazing almost-fall weekend, everybody!

—Your eternally-autumnal friends at Brokaw

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