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This past Sunday was the annual celebration of mother-like figures (cue: one million readers frantically calling in apology bouquets), and I had the privilege of sitting on the mom throne for the first time. And though this ivory tower is actually a pile of mashed-pea-stained bibs, I wouldn’t trade a minute of my new #momlife.

Especially because it makes me a better marketer—dealing with kids is nothing compared to dealing with consumers. (Although, I wouldn’t say no to a little break. Thanks, Kraft!) So let’s make like a mom at the height of her mediating powers and see where these two groups find common ground:

You never know how they’ll react

They laugh, they cry, they yell at you on Twitter. Well, not babies. Yet. But whether or not you get the reaction you were going for, it’s important to keep the conversation going. Because mutual understanding makes everyone happy—much like Mother’s Day pancakes…usually. (You’ll get ’em next time, IHOP.)

You’re on their schedule

These days, you can find everything you need at the touch of a button. (Exception: my sanity at 3 a.m.) Order-ahead groceries and food delivery services are increasingly popular for a reason. Because at this point, true convenience means the products and services are available to come to you. Burger King, for example, knows that to keep customers happy, they need to be at their beck and call. Sound like anyone you know?

You have to keep them interested

Repetition gets boring. Unless you’re blasting “Baby Shark,” in which case: one. More. Time! Mother’s Day keywords like “flowers” are still prominent searches for unimaginative Googlers, but there’s a growing interest in personalized gifts or experiences. And of course, audiences love engaging content that’s tailored to them. Like, uh, Colonel Sanders giving your mom a shout out?

Sometimes you mess up

Parenting is a learn-as-you-go kind of job. And sometimes, so is marketing. Honestly, you’ll probably fail early and often; what’s important is that you don’t get outsmarted by a kid. (This applies to both.)

Have a weekend your mom would be proud of, everybody!

-Your friends at Brokaw who now have “Baby Shark” stuck in their heads

Parenting is a learn-as-you-go kind of job. And sometimes, so is marketing.

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