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According to our agency manifesto, How to Brokaw

  1. Do great work.
    Stay late. Get up early. Ask others for help. Whenever and whatever it takes to get the work done and to make it great.
  2. Learn from your mistakes.
    Only by screwing up can we hope to improve. So, go ahead, botch things up early and often. Just file each blunder in your memory bank so they don’t happen again.
  3. Don’t wait for the green light.
    Nothing creates delays or kills inspiration like asking for permission. Instead, take the lead. Make bold decisions. Take multiple risks before anyone can put the kybosh on your creativity.
  4. Do what you said you’d do.
    Teamwork requires trust and trust means keeping your word. Like when Luke Skywalker told the Rebel Alliance he’d blow up the Death Star. Perfect example.
  5. Find the positive.
    By all means, speak up if something isn’t working for you. But also take time to notice what you DO LIKE. What IS working. For all else, offer solutions to the problems you see. In summary: Don’t bitch, pitch.
  6. Use email as a last resort.
    Email is great for spreading information, following up, scheduling, etc. But equally terrible as a replacement for actual face-to-face conversation. Use it sparingly.
  7. Have fun.
    Research shows that having fun while working makes good work great. So go ahead, play Bubble Boy Hockey. Start a puzzle club. Participate in the #FaceAppChallenge. Whatever makes you go.
  8. Celebrate wins big and small.
    Everyone has a hand in making great work. So, let’s acknowledge and appreciate each other. Preferably in a large Victory Friday®™© group setting where we can also eat donuts.

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