Ah, the Golden Age of TV. With two toddlers at home, it has really softened the transition from leisurely date nights to exhausting “meals” at any restaurant with a play place. Because this spare time sea change has allowed me to discover the benefits of streaming a plethora of amazing shows, and even better, to draw meaningful parallels from those shows to the business world.

Please binge read the following:


For the uninitiated: two titans of industry engage in a power-and-money pissing match. The following Season 1 advice comes from Bobby Axelrod—mega rich, rock star, hedge fund billionaire:

“Whenever you can, put a company in your mouth.”

To put it another way: know the product. Take a bite out of that pizza chain. Ride that public transit system. Illuminate your home with that new lighting system. Because taking the extra step to truly immerse yourself in your brand could make a “Billions” dollar difference. (Great callback, me.)

Silicon Valley (IMHO, the funniest show on TV)

This show about a group of friends in constant pursuit of the next great tech idea, always builds quality jokes around practical business world advice. Take this scene, where corporate stiff Jared explains the value of a SWOT analysis to the dismay of his “cooler” co-workers.

“Maybe we should SWOT this decision…?”

Subsequent scenes showcase the value of a SWOT exercise leading to thought organization and project progress—a refreshing reminder to go back to the basics when approaching a project. (And to boobytrap your office with corporate resources.)

Game of Thrones

The best (and, okay, the bloodiest) medieval fantasy show ever to grace TV is ripe with real life lessons for business survival. And there’s one line that every character has uttered about the future of the Seven Kingdoms…

“Winter is coming.”

Translation: plan for the worst. Because no matter what challenges you have conquered today, or your best laid plans for tomorrow, something will go wrong. And when it does, you’d best be prepared. Because it can be the difference between sustainable growth or a sudden plummet. (Or in the case of GoT, life or an incredibly gory death.)

So what are you waiting for? Go home (or hide beneath your desk) and start streaming…I mean working. Because the next episode of your favorite show may just contain a key insight that makes you the star of your next meeting.

Have a great, Netflix and chill weekend, everyone.
-Your binge-working friends at Brokaw.