This year’s Summer Olympics is the most accessible Games ever. In fact, the networks and digital platforms of NBCUniversal will present 6,755 hours of programming which would take about 281 days to finish airing if you ran it all on one channel. This means numerous opportunities for brands to reach viewers globally—but if you want to engage Millennials, where are they spending the most time?

Crowdtap stated,

“Millennials are 2X more likely to be interested in the cultural chatter that surrounds the Olympics—e.g. human interest stories and meme-worthy moments—than adults 35+.”

Knowing live streaming and nontraditional media is as important as television, this year NBC launched a Snapchat Discover channel with Buzzfeed and is selling ads in-between highlights and original content. Moments like the epic belly flop and Phelp’s face are at Millennial’s fingertips and these brands are taking advantage of their attention:

  • Walmart is running ads to highlight its commitment to purchasing American-made products.
  • Sony Pictures is promoting a digital release of The Angry Birds Movie in combination with a cross-channel marketing campaign.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods is featuring seven American Olympians and Paralympians within its “Gold in U.S.” campaign which showcases the strength (and gold) within us all.

Other broadcasters are owning Snapchat Discover channels, like ESPN, WSJ, and CNN. Just yesterday, the three were reporting on Lochte’s robbery—which we now know, is as fake as his blonde hair.


So whether you prefer to watch Rio on TV, or through a compilation of Snap Stories, we say go where the Millennials are to participate in trending conversation. Where else could we get the skinny behind cupping?