With social media being a sweet ticket to gaining a loyal following, we thought we’d start out with a couple quick tips for ya.

  1. DON’T WRITE POSTS IN ALL CAPS. (We’re looking at you, Aunt Jean.)
  2. Don’t follow up your tweet with #twitter. (No one’s searching for that, Aunt Jean.)
  3. Don’t think hiring a 22-year-old social “expert” is the answer to standing out on social media. (You’re off the hook with this one, AJ.)

Seriously, we understand. Social content should feel off-the-cuff, spontaneous, and like it’s coming from a single person “who totally gets me.” So it’s easy to think that hiring someone who knows what a meme is can be a one-way ticket to more likes.

But to start conversations, engage, and make your mark on platforms like, oh, I dunno, Instagram…it takes a lot more than shooting videos on a bedazzled iPhone. You need a strategy. A little creative mapping. And a keen eye for design, live action, and animation. This recipe can help you create content that’s unique to your category. Because, trust us, if it’s not original, the whole world will call you on it. (Or at least this guy will.)

One look at Oreo’s Instagram feed and it’s obvious there’s a true creative mastermind behind the scenes. It’s nonstop quality with a creamy center. And the engagement is proof.

How about Taco Bell’s Insta page? Bright, campy stills and GIFs with an energy that’s cohesive—and totally by design. Almost makes me crave Taco Bell sober.

Need more examples? Check out jetBlue, Old Spice, Skittles, and…alright, you get it.

The point is, each of these brands have partnered with a creative agency who knows how to concept and produce quality content for social media. Which means, maybe it’s time to upgrade from your college intern to a full-service agency with a reel that will blast you back to the 80s. (Move over, SilverHawks.) That way your Instagram feed can be more of a conversation-starting, original extension of your brand—instead of looking like my Aunt Jean’s. (Enough with the feet pics, Jean.)

Have a socially successful weekend, everybody.

– Your favorite content creators in Cleveland.

…if it’s not original, the whole world will call you on it.

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