Ahhh, Thanksgiving Eve. Time to relax—or not. Yeah, probably not. Because there’s one more demo you may still need to invite to your Black Friday shopping feast: We’re talking millennials (noun. see #millennials.)

Ok, they may not be your primary target audience. Or even your third-string. (Manziel-string?) But according to a recent article in AdAge, millennials #love #Thanksgiving #weekend. 

So here are a few tips to quickly goose (or turkey) up your millennial strategy:

Think Rewards.

Everyone loves rewards…especially millennials. So offer in-store cash for buying gifts.

Think beyond the store.

There are plenty of social promotions and unique advertising opportunities that could reach your new target. For example, the millennial-age is also the gossip-loving-reality-TV age. And Kohl’s knows that. That’s why they developed a pop-up coupon for the TMZ APP. So when millennials checked the site, they were greeted with a coupon—in addition to latest riveting news about Kimye. Or Johnny. 🙁

Think Mobile.

Get your interactive developer to make sure your website is ready for maximum traffic, because millennials be shoppin’ online!

So, we hope this helps you get ready for Black Friday. If you don’t have time, there’s always Cyber-Monday, Giving-Tuesday, Buy-Things-Wednesday, and Last-Chance-Thursday.

Have a thankful holiday, everybody!