“Honey, can you grab the wheel? I want to scan the QR code on this billboard, while driving 70 mph into the Shoreway guard rail.” Ewww dear. What’s worse is we had to stare at this for three months.

But we’re here today to turn a negative into a positive. Because nobody teaches you this sort of thing in business school, we’re going to give you a little cheat sheet on what calls to action to use for various mediums— based on experience, research, and a little thing called common sense.

Vehicle: Outdoor
Call to action: Just your logo. Perhaps without any words if brand awareness is strong enough:

Reason: With outdoor, you have to keep it to seven words or less for obvious reasons. Ad legend Luke Sullivan suggests a great way to test whether your outdoor ad is simple enough. Show the layout of the outdoor idea to someone for two seconds. (One Mississippi, two Mississippi.) Then turn it over. Did they get it? If not, keep editing it down. Remember, grasshopper, your ad is strengthened by everything that is removed from it, not added to it.