Don’t worry, I’m gonna sum it up for you. And maybe even toss in a couple swears along the way.

This book is the <<CENSORED>>. (See? Already at one.) The Idea Writers explores the major changes advertising has faced over the past few decades. You know what I’m talking about here: consumer control, transparency, social media, and/or whatever the latest <<CENSORED>> your consultant is recommending. (Two!) But then, this handy volume goes one step further, sharing relevant case studies of campaigns that moved the needle, as well as some solid advice from today’s most influential creative leaders. Pretty <<CENSORED>> cool, right? (Three!)

Example: “Digital is not a channel. Digital is how you live your life. For advertising to compete in this space, it must be entertaining, useful, or beautiful. Ideally, all three.” Was that great or what? Yeah. Highly recommended for anyone in marketing or advertising. You can even borrow my copy if you want. Just give me a heads up first, so I can erase all the <<CENSORED>> drawings. (Four!) Alright then, back to no reading—and no swearing.

A taco review? That’s more like it.