Remember a few days ago when Lady Gaga jumped from space wearing a space bathing suit? We can all agree that was a pretty impressive jump. I mean, she was in space! But truth be told, it wasn’t our favorite jump of the night. That’s reserved for 84 Lumber. You know, the building supplies company that went from spending barely any money on advertising to dropping 10 million on the most talked-about heartwarming, and feather-ruffling spot of the night.

By now you’ve probably seen the commercial (which at full length, is more like a short film). And whether you were filled with hope or angry because they were rubbing their political views all over your football game, chances are you talked about 84 Lumber for the first time since, well, ’84.

So yes, taking chances in advertising can get people’s attention.

And yes, your brand can do it, too.

And no, you don’t have to make a short film about a political hot button for the Super Bowl. Here are a few other ideas for rising above the blah blah:

Look at what your category is doing, and do everything else instead. Dove could treat women like the rest of the beauty world does, but they choose to always showcase and celebrate real women. So people celebrate Dove in return.

Have a great big gutsy idea that continues to pay off over time. KFC turned their beloved icon into a revolving door of impressions by different comedians. Every new Colonel is a new conversation. That said, they’re one “Andrew Dice Clay” away from jumping the shark.

Be brave enough to say it’s time for a change. It’s not easy to evolve an iconic regional brand with a ton of built up fan equity, but Great Lakes Brewing Company managed to stay true to themselves and even got a “cheers” from a famous design blogger.

Don’t sugarcoat anything…especially if you’re a tampon company. That one’s from my crazy Aunt Jean.

Listen, Lady Gaga didn’t get cold feet right before she became the first woman to jump from space. So think about that the next time you’re starting a new project or campaign. And while you’re at it, pull some expert insight from our visit to NPR this week.

Have a great jump-start to your weekend, everybody.

–Your un-blah preaching friends at Brokaw.