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November 16th, 2012

Your webernet site and you.

Several months ago, we accepted a project from a client who challenged us to the very depths of our creative brains. And that client is…(get ready to have your mind blown) Brokaw. Wait, you expected that? Rats.

Our assignment was to build a shiny new (Sorry, cousin Tom, we called firsties) that effectively represented our personality, philosophy, work, and culture. In short, we had to practice what we preach.

See, because a website is like a front door for your brand. It’s an opportunity to say, “Welcome, here’s who we are, what we do, and where we hide our key so you can stay forever.” Or it could say, “Get off my porch, or I’ll cut ya.”

That said, we kept it simple to align with our creative philosophy. With easy access to the work. Plenty of quirky little features, like a 24-hour webcam so our Moms don’t worry about us. And, of course, our digital media expertise representin’ on the home page. #Holla!

In short, we pulled together like the A-Team (or maybe the X-Men?) to make your interactive interaction with Brokaw as Brokaw-y as possible. So, please take a few minutes to explore. Then swing over to ole cousin Tommy’s site to see how our domain name dodged a giant bullet.

Yikes, not much to see there. Right, Chopper Jack?

Have an out of site weekend, everybody!