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October 4th, 2010

What makes “Mad Men” current?

So, what has really changed since the good ’ole “Mad Men” days? Let’s see, the ways to connect to consumers have changed (thanks for nothing, interwebs). The politics have changed (you can’t drink and smoke in the office anymore—well, at least not before noon). The titles have changed (“skirts” are now called “women”). The daily challenges, however, remain the same—like the ongoing tension between science and art. Information and intuition. Right brains and left brains. Slick marketing B.S. and brutal honesty (see founder’s quote). But bringing polar-opposite perspectives and unique skill sets together as one to help our clients not just build sales, but build factories, is what has and will continue to move this industry forward. Not to mention, keep it refreshingly un-blah. Well that, along with more Emmy-worthy acting from Mr. Hamm. Oh, Don. If only it was that easy. And, umm, intoxicating?