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February 22nd, 2013

We know everything about you. (Nice shirt, BTW.)

We know a newsletter telling you the Internet is collecting all your information and selling it to advertisers isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Within the advertising industry, it’s common knowledge that a majority of the ads you see online are based on your demographics and browser behavior. Case in point, three different Brokaw employees will see three different ads on the same site:

However, what you may not realize is the extent to which your Internet experience is being manipulated or, um, “personalized.” A fun example of this personalization can be found in the assumptions made by Google based on your grammar. (Mighty judgey there, Uncle Google.)

It’s third parties that predetermine the news and products (and even prices) you see—tailoring your user experience to your own personal tastes, habits, and income.

Working in digital media, we love data and making sure our clients are seen by current and potential customers alike. But as noted in this article from Scientific American™, this hyper-personalization has a dark side.

On a lighter note, in honor of new besties, Burger King and Jeep, we would like to declare today “National Change Your Social Media Password to Something More Complicated” day.

Our new Facebook password is going to have a hieroglyph!