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April 26th, 2013

Top Story: We Like Cursing

And we’re coming back to O-News in 5…4…3…2…1.

F***! (S***, did I say “f***”?).

Ahhh… mistakes. We all make them. Individuals and brands alike. So, when A.J. Clemente (this link is not safe for work or church) was fired after kicking off his career as a news anchor by muttering the words “flipping stuff” (you’re welcome, Grandma and God) into his microphone, we immediately sympathized and hoped he would land on his feet. (After we laughed, watched it again, and laughed some more, of course.)

Because nothing warms our hearts like a good comeback story – everything from Rocky IV to Rocky VI to LL Cool J (we’ll call it a comeback if we want, Mr. Cool J). And that especially includes brands.

Because even though a faux pas may seem difficult to bounce back from (we’re looking at you, Netflix), it can be done (we’re still looking at you, Netflix). With a little TLC (Time to Listen to Consumers), you can turn New Coke back into Coca-Cola Classic and Domino’s into a real pizza that people can actually eat.

In fact (and somewhat counterintuitively), that tragic fall may just be the change your brand needed to dust itself off and completely reinvent itself.

Which, of course, leads us back to our man A.J., who after a week of public admission, apologies, and self-deprecation, is just “a bar of soap in his mouth on TV” away from a new career on his very own reality TV show—so, stay tuned for Cursing Cousins on Bravo.