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August 9th, 2013

Time to go out on a Vine.

Vine, that pesky 6-second social media video app that just won’t go away. In fact, it’s only growing—surpassing 13 million users this past June.

So, why should you care? Similar to Twitter, social media video apps like Vine or even Instagram’s new 15-second video feature, allow your audience to consume information quickly. Which is perfect for today’s sound bite, A.D.D., like-I-have-time-for-this-blog-post world.

So, how about a few ideas to get your wheels going, and your company’s Vine growing?

Edu-tain your audience

Lowe’s Fix in Six Vine Campaign gives followers quick home improvement advice in an extremely entertaining and simple way that’s true to their “Never Stop Improving” brand. After all, a looped Vine vid never stops, right? Brilliant.

Get your audience to participate

Don’t have time for this silly nonsense? Get your audience to create your brand content. Just give them a #theme (attached to a hashtag, of course) and maybe an incentive for the best Vine vid…and whammo! you could be hosting a 6-Second Science Fair on smartphones across the world. Well done, G.E.

Hire our good friend and Cleveland Vine Rockstar

He has the most Vine followers for a reason. He’s talented. He’s hilarious. And he’s absolutely nuts—not to mention, he’s the son of our favorite local Greek director and filmmaker, who’s also extremely talented and, umm, nuts. Proof the apple doesn’t fall far from the…Vine? Way to make us proud, Megalis Family.