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March 15th, 2013

The problem with problems.

Marketing relies on creativity. And creativity, at its core, is problem solving. But here’s the trick: there are many, many (read: tons of) ways to solve a problem.

Sometimes, it takes looking at a problem in reverse. Or forgetting everything you thought you knew. Or getting an outsider’s perspective. Or, in some cases, thinking like a kid. Right, old parable from somewhere on the Internet?

A truck was wedged under a bridge because there wasn’t enough height clearance for it to pass beneath. The truck driver, crane operator, and an engineer from their company pondered the situation for hours. Moving the truck would just cause more damage. They stared up to where the bridge and truck were locked together, assuming they would have to do something drastic. A 10-year-old boy had been watching the whole spectacle play out. He wheeled up to the men on his bicycle offering them his two-cents. “Maybe if you guys just let the air out of the tires, you could drive the truck straight out.”

The young chap’s lack of assumptions eclipsed everything these men knew as true. The air was released and the truck lowered six inches–plenty of room to pull forward and free the crane, avoiding further damage to the bridge.

And sometimes, some problems—the really, really (read: very) hard ones—may just require less sleep and more alcohol. No, seriously. Which is perfect timing, because we’ve been struggling with a real tough one all week…

Good news, everyone. The green smoke indicates…we’ll see you at Bob Golic’s Bar & Grill at
5:01 p.m. today for a little pre-St. Patty’s Day toast.