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June 2nd, 2015

Video saved the internet star.

A wise man (or dumb British band) once said, “Oh-a oo, I met your children. Oh-a-oh, what did you tell them? Video killed the radio star. Video killed the radio star. Pictures came and broke your heart. Oh-a-a-a oh.” Now we have no idea how these crazy Brits would’ve met our children, or what exactly “oh-a-a-a oh” means, but we Read More…

November 7th, 2014

Great content trumps fast content.

To connect with consumers in today’s digital age, there are two very serious questions we need to ask ourselves: 1.)  Why should anyone give a crap? Let’s set aside “big data,” “big ideas,” and all those other big marketing buzzwords for a moment, and simply ask ourselves: “Is this message, err, “content” really relevant?” Or better yet… “Would I share Read More…

October 20th, 2014

How to connect to humans.

Just got back from San Diego, where I attended the SHSMD annual conference (pronounced shush-med) to hear all that is hot in health care marketing, including referring to “patients” as “consumers.” Not exactly groundbreaking, but it makes sense in many ways, since families are now taking on more ownership of their own health, thinking more and more like consumers of Read More…

October 10th, 2014

Let’s make public relations more relatable

The face of PR is changing. Think about it, it’s two words put together that mean vastly different things than they did even a year ago. PUBLIC + RELATIONS PUBLIC: The very notion of “public” is different. The PUBLIC meaning “people” has changed: we’re hungrier, we’re faster—we want MORE stuff, in MORE ways, and MORE places, than ever before. PUBLIC Read More…

September 29th, 2014

Introducing the Brand Buddy System

Lewis and Clark. Orville and Wilbur. Hall and Oates. Three examples of how forming a partnership can lead to big things – from exploring everything west of the Mississippi River to writing the song “Maneater.” And like the success it brought to those dynamic duos, partnering up can do wonders for brands as well. For example, this week, McDonald’s Monopoly Read More…

September 15th, 2014

Finding your voice.

“Hush-hush. Keep it down now. Voices carry.” Aimee Mann’s pre-Magnolia soundtrack band Finding the right voice for your brand is sometimes literally like The Voice. It involves casting a lot of voices. A ton of voices. More voices than any sane person can imagine listening to. Right, Luke Sullivan, advertising luminary and author of Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This? “Casting is Read More…

September 5th, 2014

Dollar Razors. Menstrual Marketing. And you.

How does a tiny startup company like Dollar Shave Club compete with razor titans like P&G, and sell millions of razors and “male wipes” to the masses—despite a miniscule paid media budget and zero retail presence? And more importantly, what can we learn from them? Zag when everyone is zigging. Instead of paying for placement at major brick-and-mortar retailers across Read More…

June 7th, 2011

Brokaw Wins Gold at the 2011 National ADDYs

CLEVELAND, June 7, 2011—Brokaw Inc.—the small global agency famous for helping a handful of premier brands rise above the blah blah — was the only Northeast Ohio agency to win gold this past Saturday at the American Advertising Federation’s National ADDY Awards in San Diego. Brokaw was recognized in the national “out of home” category for it’s innovative vitaminwater work Read More…

March 15th, 2011

Listen to your smallest fans.

By Katie Riley, Brokaw Digital Media Strategist Among the amazing panelists at SXSW, I had the honor to hear Peter Vesterbacka, the creator of Angry Birds, the little-known app that now has a consumption rate equivalent of 1% of all U.S. TV consumption.  Vesterbacka attributes a portion of the game’s popularity to the fact that they listen to their fans.  Read More…