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August 19th, 2016

The Best of the Olympics is on Snapchat Discover

By Brokaw Senior Account Executive, Zorina Kennedy This year’s Summer Olympics is the most accessible Games ever. In fact, the networks and digital platforms of NBCUniversal will present 6,755 hours of programming which would take about 281 days to finish airing if you ran it all on one channel. This means numerous opportunities for brands to reach viewers globally—but if Read More…

February 7th, 2014

How to generate Olympic-sized buzz.

Hooray, the Winter Olympics are here! Which means all eyes are on Sochi—and thanks to social media…Sochi toilets (gross). But instead of focusing on negative WOM (a cooler way to say “word-of-mouth”) or reactive brand-damage-control WOM, let’s discuss how you can proactively unleash the power of the positive WOM. Like creating and seeding brand content that is so unique, fresh, Read More…

August 10th, 2012

The benefits of Olympic-sized confidence

A sampling of insights we’ve gleaned so far from the Olympics: If you don’t like your score in gymnastics, you can actually ask them to look again, and they will actually change it. Ryan Seacrest gets way, way too much work. And if you’re looking for that “Hey, maybe I could still be an Olympian!” feeling, just stand next to Read More…